Black and white infrared portrait of Constantine Emer

Constantine Emer

is a artist born and based in Basel.

It was already in the first year of his life when his skills became visible. His first drawing when he was not even one year old, consisted of closed circles. Those circles have accompanied him through his whole career and his creative engagement with various themes. In the first year of primary school, his craftsmanly skills became obvious and at this young age he was already able to create amazing dimensional sculptures. During a one year stay abroad he got the chance to illustrate a weekly column for a newspaper. In the same year his first art exhibition took place.

After the 9th year of school 2004, he entered the Institue for Art and Design VK in Basel and passed it successfully as the youngest student. The main focus of his work were abstract painting, visual communication, typography, fashion and photography. Even though he would have been accepted for the University of Art and Design, he decided to complete an apprenticeship as a glazier/glasser, because glass was the only element that he has never worked with.

In the first year of his apprenticeship they explained him that this education has nothing to do with Art and that it's only industrial.
So he started to design designer mirrors with glass waste.
On the basis of those artworks he was allowed to design at the first glass-expo in Switzerland as assistant of his mentor Alex Sparvieri.

After an accident at work in the second year of his apprenticeship where he broke his right hand, it was not possible to do manual work anymore. And therefore his activities were moved to the operational area. After his final examination he still worked in the operational area very successfully. However without the possibility to do any artistic work there, therefore he was forced to find another possibility to work creative.

In a creative break he re-discovered photography.

He started his first Studio Constantine Emer Artworks 2009 in Zurich when he was 20 years old. Working with private and business customers the Studio was developing further very fast.  2011 he moved to his 2nd Studio in Basel.

His work as a photoartist/ photographer stands out with his fusion technique to combine photography with the traditional drawing in of lights and shades.

After a health setback in 2016 he found his way back to his roots. During the 3 years of recovery he started 2019 to paint and to taking photographies again with all his knowledge, experiences and deep emotions.


In his artworks you can always find his past, his childhood, the circles and stripes, triangles and signs, the blurry vision of memories and the cutting sharp state of mind and statement of minds.

"creativity is the art of making combinations of known to create something unknown." 

Constantine Emer